“Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained.” This quote by Ferdinand Porsche was the inspiration for the design of this top of the line, Stage-4 sound system and Stage-3 radar & laser counter-measure system.

GMC Hummer EV - The First

When we received the call to upgrade the lack-luster sound system that came in one of the very first GMC Hummer EV’s to hit the streets, we couldn’t have been more excited. We ended up doing a system upgrade, added subwoofers, and a stealth Radar & Laser Defense System. 

GMC Hummer EV Audio Sound System Speaker Amplifier DSP Subwoofer Enclosure Radar Detector Laser Jammer Upgrade NY NJ
Porsche 718 Spyder Cayman Radenso Escort K40 Radar Detector Laser Jammer ALP Anti Laser Priority NY NJ

Porsche 718 Spyder

The owner of this 718 Spyder found his dream spec and wanted to make sure to keep it in excellent condition and also be able to drive it worry free. Considering this, he reached out to us to get a full-body application of Xpel Paint Protection Film with Ceramic Coating for protection the paint from chips and scratches, and a fully stealth Radar & Laser Defense System to drive it how he pleased without worry. Along the way, some aesthetic enhancements were done to personalize the car even further.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo

This demon on the street has it all. Sleek looks, a high-power rear-mounted V10, handling like no other, and even the ability to daily drive it if truly desired. The only thing missing is the ability to produce a soundtrack that driving this vehicle deserves. The OEM system leaves much to be desired, which is why the owner of this vehicle took it to us for our Stage-3 Vanguard Audio Upgrade. The audio system was completely overhauled, yet nothing was permanently modified.

Paint Correction and Detailing in New York automotive customization body kit aero kit pinstriping spoiler installation

Lamborghini Huracan Evo

The owner of this Lamborghini agreed with many other Huracan owners; That it needed more power and clarity behind the audio system to match the performance that this vehicle offers in every other way. Our Stage-1 Vanguard Audio Upgrade was performed in a way that is non-intrusive, and non-permanent. Simple, yet highly effective. Our proprietary Huracan Volume Control Panel was also included as a way to easily control the volume of the audio system in this vehicle. 


The owner of this 2020 Range Rover Sport featuring an OEM Meridian system was not impressed with its audio performance. We were tasked with the job of keeping everything OEM appearing and functioning in this Stage-1 system with the goal of making the end result sound like his high end home audio system.


No, that’s not a typo. The Edition 918 Sypder 997 Turbo S is an exceptionally rare trim. They were made to appease disgruntled Porsche 918 Spyder customers that weren’t happy with the production delays of their rare hyper-car, and this was meant to hold them over. Only 146 were made. What sets this one apart from the rest is the stealth, yet incredibly effective sound system upgrade and Radenso RC-M Ultimate Edition Radar Detection & ALP Laser Jamming system.


The Honda Civic may be the most popular car to modify in existence, so it’s no surprise that this Si came in for a respectable sound system upgrade. The goals of this install included a high level of sound quality, the ability to turn the volume to 11, and appearing like an OEM upgrade.
Mercedes S65 AMG S Class Sound System Speaker Subwoofer DSP Amplifier UPgrade Radar Detector Laser Jammer NY NJ


The Aufrecht, Melcher, and Großaspach division of Mercedes Benz produces some amazing, world-class vehicles. Our job here was to make it even better. In this S65 AMG, we were tasked with the custom installation of a high-end audio system, as well as re-doing a Radar/Laser Countermeasure System installation. Our goal was for it all to appear as an exclusive OEM option while having the best performance possible.


This Audi A4 made the trek from sunny SoCal for a sound system that was over the top in every regard. Pristine attention to detail, countless hours of design, and a ton of time testing various speaker locations went into this project which all resulted in a stunning build that has an impecable level of sound quality. Stage 4 through and through.


This 2019 BMW i8 Roadster is chock full of that “cool factor”. But the one thing that lacked tremendously was the OEM Harman Kardon sound system. Our job here was to create a sound system that had a high level of quality as well as output, while also blending it in completely.


This Mercedes SL55 AMG is a classic in the making. Even though its not at that age yet, its still outdated on the infotainment features and sound system as a whole. Our job for this one was to bring all of that up to speed, and then some.


After its 8 hour drive to us, we outfitted this Subaru to have a high level of sound quality, but also stealth in appearance with all trunk space retained. Up front we decided to spice things up while maintaining an OEM-Plus appearance.


This Tesla Model S came in for something that pushed the boundaries on what was previously thought possible on OEM-matched styling that didn’t take up to much space while also having top of the line sound quality.


I’m noticing a common theme.. A lot of our customers require not only perfect sound, but also have the need/desire for high output. Due to the engine modifications in this car, high output was definitely a requirement. Using all OEM speaker locations up front with a perfectly fitting subwoofer enclosure design in the rear, all expectations were checked off on this one. Stage 1 front, Stage 3 enclosure.


The Ford Raptor is a truck that needs no introduction. What it does need, is something to keep it protected from speed traps and an audio system that matches the performance of the rest of the truck. In this instance, we did our Stage-2 Radar & Laser Countermeasure System and Stage-2 high performance audio system so the owner can enjoy hi-fi level audio reproduction without having to keep his foot hovering over the brake pedal.


The Porsche 911 is a favorite among car enthusiasts. Porsche owners are no strangers to car modification so it’s no wonder that we get to upgrade a lot of 911’s. This one is a perfect example. The owner was after something that was simple and didn’t require any modification, yet was highly effective. Here is our most common and asked-for audio upgrade.


This Porsche Cayman is owned by a friend of ours, AJ at Supreme Shine. AJ happens to be more into music than just about any of our customers, and he just couldn’t bear not having a lightweight and track-safe system in his Porsche Cayman that he uses as a track car.


Some say the highly sought-after air-cooled Porsches are perfect out of the box. Some owners, while they do want to preserve all OEM form and function, sometimes want these cool rides to be even more entertaining than they already are. Here is our solution to a high-performance audio upgrade with an OEM appearance.


While it may seem like it, we don’t only work on luxury and exotic vehicles. This 2016 Honda Accord that made a cross country trip to us is a perfect example of that. Not everyone needs or wants a fancy install. But getting it done right without having to worry isn’t up for debate to many people. This is one of those situations, and the nearly 1000 mile trip for a simpleyet highly effective install paid off.