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Here at Vanguard Automotive Design, we use our knowledge and experience of in-car acoustics, high-end mobile electronics, and general automotive customization along with their respective fabrication and installation needs to deliver unmatched quality and service. We utilize modern installation and fabrication techniques to produce unrivaled audiophile-oriented mobile audio sound systems, unstoppable radar & laser countermeasure systems, flawless Xpel Paint Protection Film Installations, and much more. Whether you prefer seamless integration or enhanced and unique sound and styling, you can trust that your car will sound better, function better, and look better than you could have ever imagined. Don’t think audiophile-quality playback is possible in a car or that a custom-installed radar and laser defense system will detract from the look of your vehicle? Don’t believe that any of it is possible without permanent modifications? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a demo and see what it means to join the Vanguard of Automotive Design.

Nick Apicella Vanguard Automotive Design in New York

Nick Apicella


Owner, Sales, System Design, CAD/CNC Design, Tuning, Distribution of Accuton Automotive

Many of you following us already know Nick from the audio side of things. Starting as a hobbyist, Nick eventually took an apprenticeship at a shop in Manhattan. From there, his passion for car audio, fabrication, and other automotive electronics consumed him. What separates Nick from the rest is his knowledge and experience of DSP tuning, acoustics relating to an automotive environment, sound system design, and OEM audio integration. At only 29 years old when opening Vanguard Automotive Design, his extensive level of understanding in these categories makes him an expert. When Nick realized that this extremely rare skill set wasn’t going to be put to its potential at any other shop, he decided to branch out on his own to form Apicella Auto Sound back in March of 2017. Since then, the growth from the business and personal side has been tremendous, making him an excellent partner in owning and operating Vanguard Automotive Design. Here, Nick handles sales, marketing, system design, CAD/CNC Laser work, oversees OEM integration, and does all of the DSP tuning. Nick is also the owner of Vanguard’s main demo vehicle, which showcases many of the services and products we offer here, including Accuton Automotive speakers, which we proudly distribute in North America.

Chris Gliemann

Owner, Shop Manager, Fabricator, Electronics Specialist

While Nick may be known through his activity on social media and forums, Chris is the opposite. Chris is the one who moves in silence. After almost 20 years of working in the 12-Volt and Automotive industries, including stints at some of the best shops worldwide, Chris also decided to make the move to being an owner/operator. In 2019, Chris formed Epic Auto Wurx, where he specialized in Radar & Laser Countermeasures, custom mobile electronics, lighting, audio, and custom interior/exterior fabrication. Essentially, if it involves a vehicle of some sort, Chris can do it and do it to the highest level. While being the sole employee of his own company for most of its time, Chris handled a private client list. He did ZERO advertising. All of his work is generated through word of mouth. Chris’s decades of experience in the bay, managing teams, and dealing with pretty much any situation with customizing a vehicle makes the perfect counterpart of Nick to owning and operating Vanguard Automotive Design. At Vanguard, Chris handles fabrication (wood, plastic, fiberglass, and metalwork), mobile electronics and lighting design and installation, upholstery, and more. Most importantly, Chris is the shop manager, overseeing all employees in the bay working on the vehicles that come through our doors.

Chris Gliemann Vanguard Automotive Design in New York
car audio installation services Matthew Kim Vanguard Automotive Design in new york

Matthew Kim

Fabrication, Tuning, OEM Integration, Install Technician

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Matt is another fresh face to the mobile electronics industry. At only 26 years old, Matthew Kim is very quickly becoming a name to be familiar with. He got his start in the industry at the well-known Musicar Northwest when living back home in Portland. In 2021, Matt made the move to work with Nick at Apicella Auto Sound, where the two became unstoppable in the high-end car audio category. Matt, originally a hobbyist, quickly realized that he wanted to do this as a career. In no time, he became so involved that he too became an expert in the tuning, acoustics, OEM integration, and CAD/CNC laser categories. What makes Matt different is that he is a quicker learner than anyone we have come across, and is already filling Nick’s shoes in most areas and then some, while also quickly learning from Chris and becoming an ace in the hole for Vanguard Automotive Design. While he is clearly already at the top level of installation, fabrication, and tuning in our industry, we cannot wait to see what Matt can grow to become. Here at Vanguard Automotive Design, Matt handles wiring, OEM audio integration, CAD/CNC Laser work, general fabrication, and DSP tuning. Matt is also the owner of one of our Accuton Automotive demo vehicles, and anyone is more than welcome to come to experience it.

Julio Cabarcas

Automotive Electronics Technician, Paint Care Specialist.

Julio brings a new offering to Vanguard Automotive Design. He is not only a seasoned electronics installer, but is also our in-house automotive care specialist. Julio has years of experience working at other shops in the region doing car audio, general electronics, detailing, and ceramic coating. We are very excited to have the opportunity to offer his skills and are proud to be a true one-stop shop for high-end automotive accessories.

Julio Cabarcas Vanguard Automotive Design in New York
James Agostino Vanguard Automotive Design in New York

James Agostino

Certified Xpel Paint Protection Film Installer, Electronics & Fabrication Apprentice

James, while new to the shop and to our side of the industry, is a valued asset to Vanguard Automotive Design. James’ general attention to detail, eagerness to learn, ability to take direction, and exceed all expectations make him the perfect candidate to teach and mold into becoming the installer we need. James, while heading our Paint Protection Film installations being a certified Xpel Paint Protection Film installer, is currently learning all aspects of what we do here at Vanguard Automotive Design, and he is quickly becoming a well-rounded installer. While not doing Xpel PPF installations, James helps Matt, Julio, and Chris with all things installation and fabrication-related, learning every step of the way.

Vanguard Automotive Design - We can handle it all

We install car audio systems, radar detector and laser jammer systems, paint protection film, ceramic coating, or anything else in the automotive customization department, with a level of craftsmanship that makes any component look like a factory option.

Vanguard Automotive Design in New York

Expect a higher standard

We aren’t satisfied with being “just another audio shop”… We provide expert-level design, fabrication, installation, tuning, and execution in which you can SEE and HEAR the difference.


Worried about how the various components will fit in your vehicle? We have the knowledge and experience to custom fabricate whatever is necessary to facilitate virtually any installation you can dream up, no matter if the result you are looking for is an OEM look, or something completely custom and unique.


Our expert technicians are held to the highest standards and levels of quality. We regularly perform work on some of the most high-end vehicles on the road and specialize in performing installations that maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s appearance, and resale value. Our specialists can be trusted with anything from your everyday commuter car up to the most exotic and unique vehicles on the road today.


Vanguard Automotive Design was founded and operated by car enthusiasts with a passion for car audio and specialized vehicle modifications. We can answer any questions you may have about modifying your vehicle to get the result you are looking for. Call today for a free consultation.

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